Bengal Village

Bengal restaurant, Brick Lane, East End of London.

About Bengal Village Restaurant

Dine in style with Bengal Village’s evolving menu

The menu at Bengal Village is constantly evolving, with chefs working around the clock to bring customers appetising dishes made with only the finest ingredients.

Dishes are prepared and cooked with innovative and authentic Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Indian methods, which bring together novel but authentic flavours.

Some of their signature dishes include the delicious Tandoori Lamb Chops Massala Karahi (grilled lamb chops with freshly ground spaces, daily picked herbs), King Prawn Shashlik Balti (marinated in yoghurt sauce and capsicum), and Sylhet Chicken (flavoured with Kali Jeera, fragrant herbs, mixed spices, and red peppers).

Open all week at varying hours, pop by to lose yourself within their delightful menu. Sit back and enjoy their relaxing decor designed to reflect an ethos of creativity and innovation.

020 7366 4868

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75 Brick Lane,
London E1 6QL