Enso restaurant, Brick Lane, East End of London.

About Enso Restaurant

Dive in to the menu of Asian fusion mastered

Dining at Enso means ensuring you get the best quality food that tastes great after every single bite. Their Thai and Japanese cuisines bring some of the finest flavours from Asia, all the way to the melting pot of Brick Lane.

The Japanese dishes at Enso are not only about the taste, but also the presentation and sheer beauty of what you’re eating. Their Thai food features the classics of the cuisine, which makes them so tasty and sought-after around the world. 

Enjoy the rich complexity of flavours gained over the centuries in Asian culinary culture. At Enso, they have over 30 years of combined culinary skills and a master-crafted Asian cuisine to serve customers rich flavours and traditional tastes on a plate.

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94 Brick Lane,
London E1 6RL

Japanese, Thai