Taste of Jaipur restaurant

Jaipur restaurant, Brick Lane, East End of London.

About Taste of Jaipur

Taste of Jaipur

The jewel of Brick Lane and sister restaurant of the famous Monsoon restaurant, Taste of Jaipur proudly serve traditional Indian cuisine to diners from all over the world.

Jaipur became known as ‘The Pink City’ when, in 1876, Maharaja Ram Singh had most of the buildings painted pink – the colour of hospitality – in preparation for a visit by Britain’s Queen Victoria. Today, the city is known for its bazaars, forts, temples, palaces and wildlife sanctuaries.

Rajasthani cuisine is from the northwest region of India and is famed for its richer, heavier, meat-based dishes like butter chicken and kebabs. A meat lover’s haven.

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74 Brick Lane,
London E1 6RL