Brick Lane restaurants serving the famous Indian thali dish

Thali Indian meal, Brick Lane restaurant.

Brick Lane’s thalis are perfect for tasting a wide range of authentic, traditional Indian cuisine without spending too much money. 

Thalis are an assortment of dishes served on a large platter, pairing different mains, starters and sauces with naan or rice. Brick Lane’s thalis are the perfect dish for newcomers to Indian and Bengali food, and for people who love to try a bit of everything.

Authentic thalis are on the menu at most restaurants on Brick Lane including Graam Bangla, Masala, Nazrul, Cinnamon, Aladin, City Spice, The Famous Curry Bazaar and Bengal Village. They are also available on request at Taste of Jaipur and Monsoon

All of Brick Lane’s restaurants have both meat and vegetarian thalis on offer. The dish is also easy to customise for gluten-free customers by substituting rice for naan bread. 

The Famous Curry Bazaar’s meat thali includes chargrilled lamb tikka alongside a spicy curry and cooling raitha yoghurt, while its vegetarian thali pairs stir-fried okra with a cauliflower curry. 

Aladin, Cinnamon and Nazrul’s thalis include starters such as onion bhajis and samosas. Their meat thali pairs a mild chicken tikka masala curry with a spicy lamb madras, while their vegetarian thali includes a spinach and paneer dish and a chickpea curry. 

“Thalis are a very popular dish because you get to taste all our favourite curries,” Guljar Khan, owner of Graam Bangla and Masala, says. “We Bangladeshis consume a lot of fish, so Graam Bangla is known for its fish thalis.” 

City Spice also has a fish thali and another with traditional Bangladeshi dishes as chicken rezala, a curry cooked with yoghurt, cashews and poppy seeds.

Brick Lane’s thalis offer a range of authentic flavours at a reasonable price, introducing diners to new tastes while offering exceptional value for money.

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