Brick Lane’s BYOB restaurants: that’s bring your own booze!

BYOB - You can bring your own booze or beer to many of Brick Lane's Indian restaurants.

Brick Lane’s budget-friendly BYOB meals are perfect for student socials, birthdays, stag dos or just an affordable date night. 

Dining out can be expensive, and buying alcoholic drinks adds significantly to the price. While most of Brick Lane’s Indian restaurants have alcohol licences, many also offer BYOB – bring your own bottle – for those who want a delicious meal without breaking the bank. 

“Everyone’s up for a bargain nowadays, so almost all of the restaurants on Brick Lane allow BYOB,” Nuraj Jaman, manager of The Standard Balti House, says. 

Bringing your own bottle is a great way to indulge in high-quality meals and support small businesses while sticking to a budget. While some restaurants charge a corkage fee to recoup revenue lost by the diners not purchasing drinks from the restaurant, Brick Lane’s curry restaurants are happy to let customers enjoy a bargain. 

Sheba, Masala, The Standard Balti House, Taste of Jaipur, Monsoon, Nazrul, Cinnamon, Aladín and City Spice all offer BYOB without a corkage fee every day of the week. 

Graam Bangla doesn’t serve alcohol or allow BYOB, and The Famous Curry Bazaar and Bengal Village only offer BYOB from Sunday to Thursday. 

Bringing your own alcohol can be a terrific way to save money if you’re going for a night out in London’s bars and clubs after dinner. 

“We get a lot of large parties coming down for birthdays, hen-dos and stag nights and people want to bring their own drinks,” Mokhtar Miah, manager of Sheba, says. 

BYOB meals on Brick Lane can help people save their pennies during wedding season and at Christmas when people are saving up to buy presents. 

For students on tight budgets, BYOB restaurants are also a great opportunity to socialise and make new friends while exploring the city and trying new cuisines. Brick Lane’s restaurants are the perfect place for student societies and sports teams to bond over an affordable and authentic meal. 

While Brick Lane’s restaurants can offer a more traditional dining experience, BYOB bookings provide cost savings so you can create more lasting memories of great nights out in London.